51+ Relevant Web Design Statistics and Trends You Need To Know in 2023

During the early to mid-2000s, all of the websites looked alike. Back then, people should have paid more attention to web design in general. Then, many thought of web design as akin to organizing one’s desktop. However, there’s a delicate craft that slowly became focused in the following years. Nowadays, people use various web design solutions to browse their phones, tablets, PCs, or even smartwatches.

The first thing you notice about a site is the visual impression, which can be a “make or break” point for many potential customers.

In other words, business owners realized how powerful of a marketing tool web design is in practice. Thus, many started digging deeper into how to craft a UI that would boost their ratings fast.

If you want to expand your knowledge with a bit more about web design, look at the following statistics.

How Much Do Web Designers Make?

The median annual wage for web and digital interface designers in the United States is $79,890.

According to BLS, the top 10% of web designers earn over $168,200, while the bottom 10% earn above $38,550 median annual salary. In Washington state they have the highest average annual wage at $ 141,170.

How Many Web Designers Are There in the US?

There are currently 101,800 web and digital interface designers employed in the U.S., and their employment is projected to grow to 118,400 professionals by 2030.

According to BLS, Washington state has the most web and digital interface designers, with 14,720 such professionals. California state ranks second with 11,180 employed web developers.

General Web Design Statistics

Regarding e-commerce sites, 94% of the customers’ first impressions are web design-related.

(Source: Bloggingwizard)

According to research published by Researchgate, approximately 9 out of 10 initial assessments are based on how intuitive the landing page is.

Today’s business climate is set upon e-commerce, and almost all vendors have online shops. Their website is the first thing the customer sees. Therefore, owners don’t want to present a convoluted mess that’ll leave visitors baffled about where to click next. Instead, they aim to communicate what the brand is all about in the first five seconds. That is why crafting a valuable and attractive site is a priority for most companies.

Statistics confirm that over 59% of all customers prefer well-designed websites over plain-looking ones.

(Source: Content Snare)

Web design is vital to one’s future marketing and selling of products and services compiled by businesses. Potential customers are driven firstly by a particular desire to buy something in need, but making them need what you offer is a unique art form.

39% of web users are influenced more by colors when they visit websites.

(Source: Bloggingwizard, Crazyegg)

The colors that we see can have a profound effect on our behavior and our emotions. For example, 8 out of 10 shoppers say that they would base their decision to buy a product on the colors alone. Some users are influenced mainly by colors, which is why many companies are trying to up their web design and make it color friendly.

When correctly done, changes in the means of coloring can significantly affect your website traffic.

It takes around two months to develop an essential featured website.

(Source: Bloggingwizard, Interaction-design.org)

When it comes to perfection, time can not be limited, but starting a business is.

Two months is the average period to develop a functional essential featured website. As a web designer, you must work on the appearance, layout, and content.

Your top goal should be ensuring your website possesses all the key ingredients that are demanded a successful web design.

Users only need 2.6 seconds to form an opinion of a website.

(Source: UK Web Host Review)

For most people making decisions is quite a challenge, but for others, it is in a split of seconds.

Forming an opinion is usually a process containing several pieces of information on which a person decides if it is a positive or a negative perspective.

When opening a page, the first thing the user sees will be the deciding point, whether to stay or leave and search the competition.

Among other things, slow loading (88.5%), lousy navigation (61.5%), and dull and blunt content (34.6%) are the other reasons for losing interest in a website.

(Source: HubSpot)

Your website must be updated constantly and have helpful information that will help the user to find what he is looking for smoothly and efficiently. Your content must contain valuable and compelling data.

According to design statistics, 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in two seconds.

(Source: Review 42)

No one wants to wait, especially when searching for something on the internet. That is why your site needs regular updates and checking so you can load and keep your subscribers.

178,900 interface designers and web developers were employed in the United States as of 2020.

(Source: Enterprise Apps Today)

Many people nowadays are learning to become web designers. Why is that?

With so many websites and users online, web developers and designers are in high demand.

There are a lot of job openings for web designers daily that offer working from the comfort of your home and give you the liberty to be creative.

In 2021, the world’s comprehensive web design services were expected to be worth $40.8 billion in the US.

(Source: Hook Agency)

The numbers are just a prediction for the US, and when you think about it, this number will surely grow for 2023 and on a worldwide level.

Did you know that slow-loading websites cost businesses over $2.6 billion annually?

(Source: Enterprise Apps Today)

If you are a first-time visitor on a page that wants to explore to find out more about the company, suddenly the page starts loading; what will your first thought be?

Well, firstly, you will think that something is wrong.

That’s why your site needs to be checked and updated regularly. So, paying attention to the speed of loading for your site will prevent losing your business to your competition.

Web Design And SEO statistics

75% of website credibility is determined by design.

(Source: Web FX)

These days almost every human being on the planet is searching online. With many scams surrounding the net, you need to make sure that the site you are on is safe and authentic.

So, your online presence must appear professional if you want your customers to take your business seriously.

The average website user spends approximately 5.59 seconds reading written content on a given page.

(Source: Content Snare)

Ask yourself how much time you spend reading something online before deciding to continue or skip it.

According to Content Snare, a few seconds is all the average user needs. Everyone in the e-commerce business is trying to create something exciting and intriguing. The content you share on your page is crucial for future financial endeavors.

On average, companies that blog monthly receive 67% more leads than those that don’t.

(Source: Agentdrive)

Blogging gives you the power to create your reputation and control all the information that comes from your company.

Blogging is also an easy way to connect with your customers and build a strong relationship with them that can assist you in seeing how your products and services are rated and where improvement should occur.

A staggering 7 out of 10 small businesses have a call-action that needs to be clarified or explained.

(Source: Small Business Trends)

According to Small Business Trends, small businesses’ B2B websites fail to interact with their customers appropriately. During a marketing study containing small businesses, B2B websites have encountered these numbers:

  • 68% did not have email on their home page
  • 82% were without social media accounts
  • 56% had no meta description
  • 87% didn’t bother to make their “contact us” option more noticeable

It is astounding how many small businesses have lost money by not paying enough interest on their website. If you want your business to have a future in the following years, you must adjust to the trends and build strong relationships with your customers.

Users stay on pages with videos for 88% longer than those that don’t have videos.

(Source: Web FX)

Using videos on your website will engage the user and make him more drawn to see the content on your site. Just plain text will not be enough to attract users to explore your site.

That is why visual tools can be helpful to you and your business. With that said, you need to be vigilant about how many videos you post and how you transfer the information in your videos, so you don’t confuse the user with too much information.

When asked to name the visual elements they find most appealing on a company’s website, 40% of respondents said images, 39% said color, and 21% said video.

(Source: HubSpot)

As you can see by the answers to this questionnaire, users enjoy seeing compelling images on your site. When creating a website, you must first select pictures following content that will contain color appealing to users. Also, integrating a video with a short explanation will boost your visitation rates.

Mobile Web Design Statistics

The percentage of smartphone users in the United States has increased dramatically. According to a recent poll, 85% are smartphone users.

(Source: Elementor)

Since the invention of mobile phones, technology has grown and expanded in many ways. Nowadays, there is not a single person who doesn’t own a smartphone.

Usually, the younger generation is the one that is dependent on them, but being a work tool also makes smartphones indispensable for every part of society.

52.2% of internet users access the web from their phones.

(Source: Content Snare)

So many people prefer using their smartphones to enjoy social media or read the news. Using your phone to search the web is more accessible than a laptop or PC regarding portability. You can be anywhere and still have full access to the internet.

According to a recent poll, 61% of people who use the internet are likely to have a better opinion of businesses if their web design is mobile-friendly.

(Source: Content Snare)

Due to the fast way of living and everything moving so fast, people tend to rely on applications for all sorts of things.

It shortens the time for searching and helps you find what you are looking for faster than searching on the web.

So if your company does have a mobile-friendly web design, now is the right time to change that.

Consumers are more demanding than ever. Shockingly 80% say that they will stop interacting with content that does not display well on their smartphone.

(Source: Content Snare)

When you build web design for your site, it is crucial to pay attention to how you will create the display of your mobile app. With consumers being overblown with information, you need to choose wisely what content you will share and how unique you will be.

61% of respondents feel that a mobile-friendly website makes them more likely to buy.

(Source: Content Snare)

During these busy times, a lot of people turn to online shopping. Buying online products has become a new trend in recent years. So, if you need a mobile-friendly design, you must start immediately and create one to attract the right target group.

Ease of use is the primary web design consideration for online shoppers, according to a 60% survey response rate.

(Source: Content Snare)

Usability is one of the critical ingredients for a successful web design. Consumers are looking for certain products, so your plan should provide a fast and easy way to find them. If your design is simple and full of information, the consumer might get lost, so that the sale will succeed. That is why you need to carefully select your layout and content so that an average consumer can use it and understand and certainly be interested in it.

In Q1 of 2021, 54.8% of the world’s website traffic came from mobile devices.

(Source: Tic creative)

Online purchase is setting a new trend. Smartphones are becoming the number one tool for online shopping. That means that this number will be even higher in 2023. Every online shop should pay attention to web design and marketing analytics, especially in creating mobile apps designed to stay current in these fluent times.

Responsive Web Design Statistics

At least 95% of people use corporate social media even if you have a mobile-friendly website.

(Source: Infront Webworks)

Your website needs a responsive web design to attract more users and consumers.

But having a solid social media presence is significant to your brand. Nowadays, most people have social media, and it would be logical to follow their favorite brands.

73.1% of web designers think that one of the main reasons why people leave a website is because the design is not responsive.

(Source: HubSpot)

You must optimize your website for different device sizes if you want a responsive web design. As millions of people search the web daily, you need to be prepared that they will most likely be accessing it through their smartphones with different screen sizes.

Web Design Industry Statistics

Graphic design is a $12.7 billion industry in the United States.

(Source: SerpWatch)

No wonder this industry is growing, and this is only in the US. Due to almost all businesses going online, the demand for web designers is getting wider.

In the United States, the average web designer charges $75 per hour.

(Source: SerpWatch)

Because of its high demand, this profession has an excellent hourly rate. If you are thinking about becoming a web designer, you should do it; it is a golden opportunity.

80.7% of design web firms complete a web design within four weeks.

(Source: SerpWatch)

With practice comes experience, and after the significant boost of the web design industry, web design and development firms had a lot of experience. Hence four weeks is an average for building a beautiful and helpful web design site.

There are more than 75,407 web design and development companies in the world.

(Source: SerpWatch)

Websites are highly requested today and must look good and function well. Consequently, this boosts revenue and furthers the growth of the web design and development industries.

E-commerce Web Design Statistics

73% of companies invest in design to help their brand distinguish from the competition.

(Source: Web FX)

There are many companies, so your brand needs to stand out from the competition. Investing in web design helps you to point out your uniqueness.

A poor user experience will result in 89% of consumers shopping with a competitor.

(Source: Web FX)

After you impress users with your unique design, you must maintain their interest. That means that you should quickly use your website and provide information in a nonconfusing way. Also, your content must be readable and concise.

According to 44% of consumers, negative online encounters are shared with their friends.

(Source: Web FX)

Good news travels fast, but bad ones travel even more quickly. Sharing information with friends and colleagues is done every morning during coffee time. Word of someone’s negative online experience is shared so that others do not make the same mistake.

61% of online shoppers in the United States have purchased because they first read about it on a blog.

(Source: wpforms)

Blogging has been a powerful tool for sharing information about all kinds of things. Many people nowadays turn to blogs and forums to read reviews of products and services.

Web Design User Statistics

According to recent research, if a website or application is not mobile-friendly, users will try accessing it only two more times.

(Source: Bloggingwizard)

Since today’s fast-moving world needs fast responses, people tend to do everything on their daily to-do lists. If a website or a mobile app needs to be fixed, they will try to find another alternative.

Most users – 80% read the information on the left side of the page.

(Source: Bloggingwizard)

With this information, you need to put helpful information on your website on the left side so that it will have a positive effect on your business.

Web Design Trends in 2023

Future projections for the 2032 year that the number of designers and web developers in the USA will become 229 thousand.

(Source: Statista.com)

Currently, in 2022, the number of web designers and developers is around 200 thousand. The predictions made for the future ten years are more than believable. The constantly growing markets and enterprises dictate how fast changes will be needed. So, ensuring that your site is always per the latest trends will guarantee interest in your visitors.

The number of web developers and designers is projected to grow by 8% from 2019 to 2029.

(Source: Hook Agency)

On average, there is a very high percentage of growth for the web design industry, contrary to the other professions moving at a lower rate. That is how fast the web design industry spreads.

24% of web designers prefer to avoid alluring new clients – the business faction of the job.

(Source: Fireart)

Since web designers are mostly creative and arty, they will need more time to acquire customers. They enjoy their work while creating something new and insightful and dislike the part when they have to concern themselves with research and data.

More than 60% of web designers report updating their client websites every month (30%), twice a month (11%), and (21%) in three months.

(Source: Fireart)

These statistics show how important it is to update websites for companies to stay on top and retain potential consumers.

A study done by Accenture in 2022 reveals – 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that give them personalized recommendations and offers.

(Source: Zoom Digital)

This study points out that if you want your company to stay ahead of the competition, it is crucial to personalize the user experience on your website.

According to the design statistics “2022” edition of Good Experience, 73% of online clients will avoid doing business with firms that use inferior customization processes.

(Source: Zoom Digital)

Therefore, if you want your brand to succeed, delivering a fully tailored online buying convenience is essential.


The current web design landscape is constantly changing, and you must be aware of all modifications to stay up to date and knowledgeable about it.

Website statistics can assist you in analyzing the design market, especially attracting new consumers. By understanding web design stats, you can create a more effective and efficient website that will appeal to your target customer base.


Is web design a growth market?

Nowadays, every shop tends to follow the trend of having a website as almost everyone is shopping online. There are 12-24 million e-Commerce sites across the world. With that said, the need for web design and development is unlimited.

So yes, web design is a growth market and will tend to grow in the following years.

How much does a web designer make?

The average web designer makes $50,000-$55,000 yearly. Payment per hour on average for a web designer can get from $23-$25.

As a web designer, you can be employed as:

  • Full-time web designer in an agency
  • Full-time web designer employment in the house
  • Self Employed web designer
  • Part-time web designer

The pay is also based on years of experience. If you are a beginner or entry-level with under three years of experience, the average salary will be $43,651.

If you have experience of between 3 and 10 years, you are already a mid-level designer, and your pay, on average, will be $ 51,564 per year.

When you have more than ten years of expertise as a web designer, you are at a senior level, and your average pay will be $80,585 per year.

Depending on the type of employment you choose, payment will vary.

Who gets paid more, web designer or developer?

Web developers earn a yearly average of $74,742. They pay more than web designers because programming skills and knowledge are required.

Furthermore, web developers earn $10,000 – $20,000 more yearly than web designers.

So if you plan to change your career, being a web designer and developer will be one of the top-paid jobs overall.


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