How to Edit the Footer in WordPress? 5 Easy Methods for Beginners

What Is a WordPress Footer?

A WordPress footer is the bottom section of a website or blog that typically carries copyright information, site links, and other details about the site. It can also contain widgets for social media accounts, contact information, terms and conditions of use, extra navigation options and more. Adding a footer to a WordPress website is easy to do with the right plugins or theme elements.

By default, most WordPress themes come with pre-made footers that can be modified through its settings. For even more control over your footer design, you can also edit it directly within the WordPress editor.

In this article, we will discuss ways to edit the WordPress footer for your website.

5 Ways to Edit Footer in WordPress

  1. Add Widgets to Your Footer in WordPress
  2. Edit Footer With WordPress Theme Customizer
  3. Add A Menu To WordPress Footer
  4. Edit Footer With Plugins
  5. Edit Footer.php File In WordPress.

Add Widgets to Your Footer in WordPress

One of the easiest ways to edit your footer in WordPress is by adding widgets. WordPress comes with a built-in widget area specifically for the footer. By default, most themes will display three widget areas in the footer. However, some themes may have more or fewer widget areas.

To add widgets to your footer, go to Appearance » Widgets in your WordPress admin. You will see the list of available widgets on the left and the footer widget areas on the right.

Drag and drop the widgets you want to add from the left side to the appropriate footer widget area on the right. Once you are done, remember to click on the Save button to store your changes.

Edit Footer With WordPress Theme Customizer

With WordPress Theme Customizer, it’s easy and quick to edit the footer of your website. After logging into your wordpress Dashboard and selecting the Appearance tab, choose ‘Customize’ from the left-hand side. Then select Widgets, followed by Footer 1, Footer 2 etc., and customize each widget area as desired, adding text, images or social media buttons. When you’re done customizing each widget area and adding all desired content, save your changes by pressing ‘Publish’. In just a few easy steps you’ve edited your website’s footer using WordPress Theme Customizer!

Add A Menu To WordPress Footer

You can also add a navigation menu to your footer in WordPress. It can be helpful if you want to display links to important pages on your site such as the ‘About page’ or ‘Contact page’.

First, you must create a new menu from the Appearance » Menus page. Give your menu a name and click on the Create Menu button.

Next, you need to add items to your menu. Once you have added all the items to your menu, remember to click the Save Menu button.

After that, you need to select the footer location for your menu. To do that, go back to the Appearance » Menus and click on the Manage Locations tab. From here, you need to select the menu you just created from the dropdown next to the footer location.

Remember to click on the Save Changes button to store your settings.

Edit Footer With Plugins

Editing the footer of your WordPress website can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right plugin like Insert Headers and Footers, you’ll have your footer looking great in no time! First, install Insert Headers and Footers plugin on your WordPress site. Once it is installed, you will find a settings page/menu in your admin area. Simply click on “Insert Footer” and enter the text/HTML code that you want to appear in the footer. It is easy to customize the contents of your footer with this plugin as you can use HTML code or plain text to add links, pictures or any other items. You can also add Google Analytics tracking code or other scripts for third-party services if needed. Once you are done editing, simply click on “Save Changes” and enjoy seeing your new footer live! Editing the wordpress footer with plugins like Insert Headers and Footers is an excellent way to make sure that all visitors to your website have access to important information such as copyright notices and terms of service as well as enhance their overall experience while visiting your website.

Edit Footer.php File In WordPress

Editing the Footer.php file in WordPress is not as difficult as it may seem. The first thing you’ll need to do is log into your WordPress dashboard and go to Appearance > Editor. On the left side, you will see a list of files and folders associated with your theme. Select the “Theme Footer (Footer.php)” option, which should be located under Theme Files.

Once you’ve opened the Footer.php file, feel free to make any edits that are necessary for your website design or functionality needs. You can add text or HTML code directly into the file without fear of breaking something on your website because it has been backed up prior to this point. Having said that, be sure to use caution when editing any page, post or other backend feature of WordPress since changes made here can have unintended consequences on your website performance if done incorrectly.

When you have finished making changes to the Footer.php file, click “Update File” at the bottom right corner and save all of your work in case anything goes wrong with your WordPress site in future updates or unexpected events. That should be all there is to it! Editing the Footer.php file in WordPress shouldn’t take too long and by following these steps you’ll have a custom footer setup in no time.


Customizing the footer of your WordPress site is easy and can be done in a few different ways. If you want to edit the footer directly, you can do so in the wordpress editor. Alternatively, you can use a plugin or modify the code of your theme to add a custom footer.

Before making any changes though, it’s always important to create a backup of your site first in case anything goes wrong. Doing this will ensure that all of your data is safe and secure.

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