120+ Fascinating Google Statistics and Facts You Will Like to Know in 2023

We’re here to give you the most fascinating Google statistics and facts you should know in 2023 and for the next couple of years to come. Google is the world’s leading search engine, and by the looks of it, there’s no close second competitor that stands a chance against this titan.

$1.53 trillion is Alphabet’s (Google’s parent company) total market value, managing to pull in $426,806 per minute in 2021.

These 120+ fascinating Google statistics and facts are meant to offer you a very clear picture of just how big this company actually is and how it manages to affect your day-to-day life, actions, and choices.

63,000 is the number of searches being processed by Google each second in 2021.

In case you thought that Google has no real and direct influence over your life, you may be surprised to find out that a lot of the things you use and like today are actually a product or a byproduct of this tech giant.

$1.65 billion is the total amount for which Google purchased Youtube back in 2006.

Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and all the other tech titans have a way of shaping our daily routines in a way that we can’t even sense anymore. Most of the time, we think we’re doing something because we thought of it, but that thought is actually the result of many subliminal ads and search results we receive from Google.

Let’s dive into the latest and most spectacular Google statistics and facts of the moment!  

General Google Statistics and Facts in 2023

We’re going to start with some general Google statistics and facts for 2022, and this way, you’ll have the complete picture of the company’s number of users, generated revenue, and other interesting data. 

How Many Users Does Google Have in 2023?

Google has over 4.3 billion users in the world.

This number is extremely impressive considering that the world’s population is close to 8 billion people. Basically, Google is used by almost everybody on Earth with an Internet connection, except for people living in the countries where this search engine has been banned due to political reasons. 

How Many Employees Does Google Have in 2023?

156,500 is the total number of full-time employees of Alphabet, which is Google’s parent company.

Google (and implicitly Alphabet) plans on increasing its number of employees by hiring more and more specialists in various fields in order to provide even better and more innovative services. This strategy is part of Google’s plans to remain the most dominant tech giant around the world for the next couple of decades. 

How Much Money Does Google Make Per Day?

Approximately $700 million is the total amount of money generated by Google for each day of 2021.

This makes Google one of the richest companies in the world today and one of the highest revenue-generating enterprises in history. These numbers would have made even legendary entrepreneurs such as J.D. Rockefeller and JP Morgan think about reconsidering their businesses. 

What is Google’s Total Revenue in 2023?

Google’s revenue for the first three quarters of 2022 reached $205.502 billion, up from $181.794 billion for the first three quarters of 2021.

$257.637 billion is Google’s total revenue for the year 2021. Let’s see how the numbers will grow in 2022 and 2023. Google has managed to pull off yet another record-breaking year in terms of the money it has generated. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on many businesses (including online ones).

Which Country Uses Google the Most in 2023?

India is the country that uses Google the most, with a market share of 93.99%.

Out of all the other search engines with a presence in India, like Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and Baidu, Google is, without a doubt, the most used platform. It only leaves only 6.01% of the market share to all the other competitors that offer similar services in the Indian market. That’s just how powerful Google is in 2023.

In Which Countries is Google Banned?

Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Crimea, the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic are the countries and regions that have restrictions when it comes to using Google or other Google services.

These countries and regions have taken a political stance to ban the world’s largest search engine in order to prevent access to information for their population. In countries where a democratic regime is in place, such a thing would not be possible without a massive outcry and public protests for freedom of speech. 

How Many Times Does the Average Person Use Google a Day?

4 times a day is the number of times the average person uses Google.

If we take into consideration that almost 4 billion people use Google daily, that amounts to a total average of 16 billion searches per day. That’s what makes Google not just the world’s most popular search engine but also one of the planet’s most visited websites in 2023 and the years to come.

What Percentage of Google Searches That Click on the First Search Result?

Approximately 28.5% of all Internet users click on the first result they see in their Google search list.

That’s close to 1 out of each 3 people who search Google for services, products, or information. It just proves to show you why more and more companies are investing a lot of money into their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies to get almost 30% of all the traffic. 

What Are Languages Google Search is Available in?

Google Search is available in all the languages Google offers all of its services.

However, if you’re looking for the number of languages you can add to your Google Search service, that number would be 3 for both Android and iOS devices. You can switch between those languages anytime you want, and you can always add and remove another language straight from your device. 

What Percentage of Google Searches Come From Mobile Devices?

Approximately 70% of all Google searches have been recorded as coming from mobile devices.

In 2020, the percentage of Google searches from mobile devices was 68.1, meaning that the numbers have shown continuous year-over-year growth. This trend is also in line with the growth of mobile devices users (both Android and iOS devices), which is exponentially rising every year at a global level.  

Statistics of Google Products and Services 

We’ve covered some pretty interesting questions regarding Google’s data and numbers, so we should proceed by checking out some of the most fascinating statistics for Google products and services. 

With a 65.14% market share (July 2022), Google Chrome is the most popular browser in the world today.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Google products and services that rank number 1 worldwide. 

Over 2 billion users have an active Google Ads account.

The numbers are based on the latest analysis provided by Google for the last quarter of 2021.

Google visited more than 89 billion times in May 2022.

This makes Google the world’s most popular website based on the number of visits. 

Almost 3 million companies worldwide use Google’s marketing services.

In today’s economy, if you want to remain profitable or make a name for yourself, you’re going to have to work with Google, one way or the other.

Anywhere between 500 and 600 is the number of changes Google makes to its algorithm every year.

Google makes these algorithm adjustments in order to improve its search engine’s results and to update its lists. 

Google reviews account for 57.5% of all reviews worldwide left by users online.

Which makes reviewing a business, a place, or a restaurant all the more important if you choose to do it on Google. 

97% of all consumers read Google reviews of local businesses.

A bad review on Google is basically a death sentence for your business if you don’t know how to manage it correctly. 

The average local business has 39 reviews on Google.

And business owners are paying a lot of attention to the reviews they get, trying to attract more positive words about their services and products. 

74% of all companies have at least one Google review.

More than 7 out of every 10 people leave a review after they have done business with a company, visited a restaurant, or ordered something from an online shopping website. 

66% of the total money spent on advertising worldwide will be for digital ads by 2023.

This means that in the future, traditional forms of advertising will account for less and less of a company’s advertising budget. 

Over 26,000 retail companies spend money on Google Ads.

Retail companies are the highest spenders on Google Ads, followed by automotive companies, which are approximately 18,000; healthcare companies, with a total of 17,000; and Information Technology and Services companies which are approximately 8,000 that choose to pay for digital ads on Google.

Google bought Nest Labs for $3.2 billion in 2014. 

Today, the smart home appliances company is part of Google Inc and produces approximately $1 billion per year.

DeepMind was sold to Google for $600 million in 2014.

Given the high rates paid for AI (Artificial Intelligence) engineers, which is DeepMind’s field of activity, Google lost approximately $570 million in 2018 through this subsidiary.  

Looker was bought by Google for $2.6 billion in 2019.

The company is a business intelligence platform that Google plans to take to the next level.  

$12.5 billion was paid by Google to acquire Motorola Mobility in 2012.

Up until now, it is considered the company’s worst deal and also the most expensive mistake. Google had to sell the company to Lenovo 2 years later for “just” $2.91 billion. 

17,000 patents were obtained by Google after the Motorola Mobility purchase.

When large corporations buy another big company, they don’t purchase just the brand and its assets; they also become owners of technological patents that can help generate new revenue streams. 

Waymo, Google’s autonomous system for self-driving cars, disengages only once every 11,017 miles.

These numbers are extremely impressive if you take into account the number of self-driving cars developed by Google and their huge potential for the future.

Waymo is valued today at $25 to $175 billion.

This is a very large margin, given the fact that the self-driving cars sector is still in its early stages.

By 2030, Waymo could generate $114 billion per year in revenue.

The data has been projected by UBS, which is the investment bank that valued Waymo. 

So far, over 10 million miles have been driven by Waymo’s cars on US roads.

In addition to these public road drives, self-driving cars have driven more than 10 billion miles in testing. 

Google has ordered more than 82,000 self-driving cars for Waymo.

62,000 of these cars will be built by Chrysler Pacificas, while 20,000 will be manufactured by Jaguar I-Paces. 

Over 2 billion devices use Google Assistant.

That’s close to a quarter of the world’s entire population, or 1 out of every 4 people. 

Google’s DeepMind AI is able to identify more than 50 eye diseases.

AI apps and programs such as DeepMind are considered real game changers in modern medicine. 

Stats for Top Google Products

Google has a vast plethora of products and services available for any person and every type of business from all around the globe. That’s why we thought that it’s best to present some of the latest stats for 2023 based on top Google products.

Google Search Engine Stats

Google search stats offer us a unique insight regarding the most searched for terms, keywords, and questions typed by users from all over the planet. 

In 1998, Google had only 10,000 daily searches worldwide.

Google sure has come a long way since it first started out more than 20 years ago.

Approximately 63,000 searches are processed by Google every second.

If you put things in perspective, that means 5.6 billion searches each day, which means 2 trillion searches worldwide processed yearly by Google.

Around 14% of all Google searches are a question.

This makes sense, considering that people go to Google to find out information about places, cities, subjects, and anything else they need. 

The word “Google” has been looked up on Google.com over 90 million times so far.

And by the looks of it, this number will continue to grow side by side with the Internet’s penetration rate in emerging countries.

190 different versions of Google Search are available today.

Based on region, country, and other insight data, Google makes its algorithm adapt to offer optimum results to its users. 

Facebook is the most searched company on Google in 2023 in the U.S.

Closely followed by YouTube and Amazon.

Over 200 ranking factors are taken into account by Google to provide the best search results possible.

In addition to these ranking factors, Google also uses 10,000 ranking signals to provide its users with optimum results. 

10.3% of Google’s search algorithm is formed by online reviews.

Once again, the voice of the people is proving to be a very important factor online.

95% is the accuracy of Google’s voice search.

There’s no other voice searching software that even comes close to the percentages reached by Google. 

Google Lens was used more than 2 billion times.

Whenever Google launches a new product, the company makes sure that what they offer is of use to the general population of Internet users. 

The new Google Assistant will be 10x more efficient than the current version.

 Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, Google plans to improve their software even more. 

TOP 20 Google searches in the world in 2022
#KeywordSearch volume
4whatsapp web490,000,000
9google translate332,000,000
16satta king123,000,000
17yahoo mail121,000,000
19weather tomorrow110,000,000
20google maps108,000,000
7.2% of Google’s entire traffic comes from people who search for the keyword “google.”.

This is extremely surprising, considering that people are searching for Google, on…well, Google. 

500 keywords made up 8.4% of the total search volume on Google.com.

The numbers apply for the year 2020.

Over 70% of all search queries are long-tailed keywords.

Long-tailed keywords are usually typed by people who don’t know exactly how to search for something, and they type the closest description they can think of. 

The average keyword is 2 words long.

Most people who go to Google manage to find what they need by typing only 2 words. 

46% of all product searches begin on Google.

That’s close to half of all the Internet users that search for products and services online. 

9 out of 10 people click on the 1st Google search result.

Once again, the importance of efficient search engine optimization (SEO) is shown by the traffic a website can get simply for being listed as the first result. 

Over 50% of the total Google searches end without a click.

This means that people are getting the information they need straight from the website’s preview, which pops up in Google’s search results. 

Gmail Stats

Gmail is the most popular email service provider, and this comes as no surprise given the fact that Google owns it. However, there was a time when if you googled the word “email”, Google search results would show “Yahoo.com” as the first result. 

1.8 billion active users have a Gmail account and use it as their main email address.

When so many people choose to use your email service, this means that you’re in control of some of the most important data available today.  

539,374,260 searches were done for the keyword “gmail” on Google in 2021.

This makes the word “gmail” the 4th most popular search term on Google for the current year.

18% of the email client market share belongs to Gmail.

These numbers are based on the latest analysis conducted in May 2021.

Gmail accounts for 27% of the entire email open worldwide.

This makes roughly 1 out of every 4 email opens on the planet!

Approximately 75% of all Gmail users prefer to access the platform from mobile devices.

This is the first go-to palace for most people as they start their mornings or as they begin their daily commute to work.

61% of Internet users aged between 18 to 29 years use Gmail.

This category will be the main economic segment of the population within the next 10 years. 

$3,588.85 is the value of an average Gmail account.

Of course, this value is not something you, as a user, can get. It’s the potential revenue that Google can generate from advertisers based on the number of Gmail users they have. 

Approximately 306.4 billion emails were sent and received every day in 2020.

Such astronomical figures are hard to imagine, but they have a very big impact on our society and our day-to-day lives. 

Google Maps Stats

Google Maps is one of the most popular Google products, as it helps people get around by foot, by car, by train, or by public transportation. It also offers the maps used by the Waze app. 

$966 million was the price paid by Google to purchase Waze in 2013.

Today, Waze uses Google Maps for its traffic app, and its current annual revenue is $37.7 million. 

Google Maps is the no. 1 mapping service in the world.

Largely, this happened after Google’s acquisition of Waze.

72% is the market share for Google Maps as of April 2018.

Apple maps (11%) don’t even come close to what Google Maps, together with Waze (12%), have accomplished in terms of users. 

Waze, owned by Google, has 12% of the sector’s market share.

This only adds to Alphabet’s total market share when it comes to the navigation, traffic, and mapping sectors. 

More than 4 million websites around the globe use Google Maps.

Basically, every business, restaurant, gym, and whatever you can think of uses Google Maps to direct their customers to their locations. 

Roughly 624,000 websites in the United States have embedded Google Maps.

As mentioned above, Google Maps is an excellent tool to drive customers, literally, to your doorstep. 

More than 1 billion kilometers of alternative routes are provided on a daily basis by Google Maps.

Just think about this: When was the last time you bought a map at a gas station? When was the last time you saw someone using an actual paper map to drive around? Google Maps is responsible for the “extinction” of road maps and guides. 

Youtube Stats

One of the most interesting statistics about Youtube is that the world’s most popular video streaming and video sharing platform is also the world’s second-largest search engine. This means that after Google, Youtube is the place where people do most of their online searches. 

Over 2 billion active users go to Youtube every month.

That’s close to a quarter of the total global population. 

$1.65 billion is the price paid by Google to buy Youtube in 2006.

Now, Youtube is valued at approximately $160 billion, making it one of the most valuable and recognizable brands in the world. 

4.9% is Youtube’s growth recorded for 2021.

In contrast, in 2016, Youtube had an annual growth of 13%. 

210 million viewers will have visited Youtube in the United States in 2022.

These numbers are a higher estimate than 192 million viewers in 2018.

Approximately 500 hours of video are uploaded on Youtube every minute.

If you do the math, that accounts for 30,000 minutes of videos uploaded online every hour.

During a period of 5 years, the number of video content uploaded to Youtube every 60 seconds grew by 40%.

The time period in discussion is between 2014 and 2019. 

85% of all US-based Internet users access Youtube at least once a week.

That’s more than 8 out of every 10 people with Internet access in the United States.

21% is Youtube’s share of the global video streaming traffic.

Youtube came in second after Netflix, which had a 26.6% market share in 2019. 

Youtube is the number 1 video-sharing platform in the United States, with 90% of the total traffic.

Basically, every 9 out of 10 Americans go to Youtube for video content. 

There were over 432,000 unique streaming channels on YouTube Gaming Live in Q2, 2022.

There were 1.09 million unique channels on the platform in Q2, 2020. 

82% of U.S. internet users go to YouTube for entertainment purposes as of Q3, 2019.

YouTube has become everybody’s favorite go-to place for watching quick videos or “how to” tutorials, not to mention the best place to follow your favorite artists and streamers. 

Approximately 18% of all people use YouTube to follow brands and companies.

Some people prefer Youtube as the place to keep them updated with all the latest news, information, and releases by their favorite enterprises. 

2.23 billion impressions in 2020 are what turned Apple into the biggest advertiser on YouTube.

Ironically, Google’s competitor is the largest advertiser on its video-sharing platform. 

Android Stats

Android is the most popular operating system for mobile devices, and it’s Google’s competitor to Apple’s iOS system. 

There are currently over 2.5 billion Android-powered devices.

If you think about the fact that most smartphone and tablet brands use Android as their operating system, these numbers are not surprising at all. 

$40 per device is the price paid by European Android manufacturers to include Google’s Play Store and other Google apps as default.

This law came to fruition on February 1, 2019.

$50 million is the price Google paid for Android in 2005.

The investment has proven itself to be a very fruitful one for Google, given the huge role Android plays in today’s operating systems market. 

Over $2.5 billion is Android’s current market value, based on the latest estimates.

This makes Android one of the most valuable operating systems (especially for mobile devices) in the world. 

Approximately 89% of all URLs and 37% of all the URLs tanked in positions between 1-20 rank differently on mobile and desktop.

Based on how a website has been structured (mobile or desktop-first), the results will differ from page to page. 

Google Growth Stat

Google is one of the major tech giants that has witnessed constant year-over-year growth, no matter the economic turmoil the world has found itself in. It just proves to show you the power of such a huge corporation and its versatility to adapt, overcome and conquer.

Google made more than $6 billion in revenue in the second quarter of 2019.

These numbers account for a 40% increase in revenue year-over-year.

82.74% is the rate at which Google’s revenue increased between 2015 to 2018.

A lot of people mark this change as a direct result of Google becoming Alphabet and naming a new CEO – Sundar Pichai.

Google Growth Stats by Year

2016 – 20.71%

2017 – 22.67%

2018 – 23.41%

2019 – Approximately 40% 

$181.69 billion is Google’s annual revenue.

This is based on official information subtracted from the most recently reported fiscal year.

$146.9 billion in revenue is what Google made from their online advertising services in 2020.

Google Ads is the biggest revenue-generating branch of Alphabet, Google’s parent company.

$741 billion is Alphabet’s total market capitalization as of June 2019.

This makes Alphabet the 4th largest Internet company worldwide. 

Google’s Revenue Per Year

2002$0.4 billion
2003$1.5 billion
2004$3.2 billion
2005$6.1 billion 
2006$10.6 billion
2007$16.6 billion
2008$21.8 billion
2009$23.7 billion 
2010$29.3 billion
2011$37.9 billion
2012$50.18 billion 
2013$55.51 billion
2014$65.67 billion 
2015$74.54 billion 
2016$89.98 billion 
2017$110.55 billion
2018$136.36 billion
2019$160.74 billion
2020$181.69 billion
2021$256.74 billion

Google Stats By Usage and Demographics 

Since 1998, when Google LLC was initially launched, the company’s demographics have become more and more diverse, covering almost all segments of the population, no matter the age, sex, location, and occupation.

Google’s usage and purposes have also evolved a lot throughout the decades, becoming a more complete product along the way. 

Over 90% is Google’s total global market share.

When you have 9 out of every 10 people who use your product, that means that everybody’s using your services to ease their daily lives. 

There are currently 246 million unique Google users in the United States.

And that’s out of the country’s total population of 329.5 million people.

Over 1 billion active users have an account on Google Photos.

That’s 1 out of every 8 people inhabiting the planet in 2021. 

31.5% is the average click-through rate for first position links on desktop, which is higher than 24% on mobile devices for a link located on the same search position.

People seem to be more inclined to follow a link while they’re browsing Google on desktops, as opposed to when they’re using mobile devices. 

68% of all companies that have a mobile-first website have reported a rise in sales.

This is largely due to Google’s mobile-first policy, given that 63% of their users come from mobile devices. 

2.47 billion Generation Z users are currently using the Internet.

They amount to 30% of the world’s population, and 45% (almost half!) of them have stated that they are constantly on their mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).

54% of all American consumers pay the most attention to a company’s Google star rating.

Google has a pretty strong word to say when it comes to how your business will be perceived online. 

Google’s private network delivers up to 25% of the world’s internet traffic.

That’s pretty impressive for just one company to have such a very well-developed infrastructure. 

$47 billion is the total amount invested by Google in its tech infrastructure. 

The numbers apply to the amounts invested by the US giant during the last 3 years.

Google has invested $600 million in Nevada’s internet infrastructure alone.

When a company invests that amount of money in a state, country, or region, you can tell that big plans for the future are in store. 

Google owns 10,433 miles of submarine cables used to deliver Internet internationally.

That’s one of the most significant infrastructure purchases made by a private company in this sector. 

More than 25% of Google’s traffic comes from the United States.

India comes in second place with 8.7% of the total traffic, followed by Japan with 4.6%, China with 3.6%, and Brazil with 2.8% of the total visits made to Google.com.

12 minutes and 11 seconds is the average time spent on Google.com by each user.

The numbers come from Alexa.com, which has conducted an analysis of how much time Internet users spend on Google. 

Google is the 4th most popular search engine in China.

Baidu dominates search engine traffic stats in China, followed by Sogou and Shenma.

87% of all desktop searches conducted worldwide are done on Google.com.

And all future predictions show that Google will gain even more ground in the next couple of years.

Users are 4x more likely (approximately 63%) to click on a Google ad that pops up in their search results.

As opposed to other search engine results shown on Amazon (15%), YouTube (9%), or Bing (6%).

96% of all mobile searches are done on Google.

The tech giant’s dominance is even more obvious on mobile devices all over the globe.

Google Chrome has 69% of the total web browser market share as of 2020.

Not only does Google have the world’s best and most popular search engine, but it also has the most popular web browser. 

56% of the total web traffic came from mobile phones in 2021.

Google’s efforts to double down on their mobile-first policy make sense, given that more than half of all its users come from mobile devices. 

Approximately 55% of all teens use voice search every day.

Basically, more than half of all teens prefer using Google voice search to typing keywords on Google.com. 

55% of all the Internet users that click on Google search ads prefer text ads.

This means that text ads on Google are the most efficient form of digital advertising made available by the US-based tech giant.

Google Employee Facts

Google LLC is one of the Big Five companies as commonly referred to when it comes to the American Information Technology (IT) industry, alongside Amazon, Apple, Meta (Facebook), and Microsoft.

Google LLC was founded on September 4, 1998, in Mento Park, California, in the United States of America, by two visionaries: Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Since then, more and more people have started dreaming about working at Google based on the company’s brand recognition and employee benefits. 

139,995 are currently employed by Google (as of 2021).

That’s close to the total population of Guam (168,775 people).

50.4% of Google’s employees are White / 42.3% of Google’s employees are Asian. 

Other ethnic groups represent the following percentages: 6.4% of all employees are of Latinx ethnicity, 4.4% of them are Black, and 0.8% of all Google employees are Native American.

Google employees work in over 170 cities spanning nearly 60 countries.

That’s extremely impressive, even for a huge corporation like Alphabet. 

In 2001, when Eric Schmidt took over from co-founder Larry Page as CEO, Google had less than 300 employees.

The American company has sure come a long way in the past 20 years. 

Average salaries at Google range from $55,299 per year for a Receptionist all the way up to $719,612 per year for a Senior Vice President.

Google is one of those companies that really know how to treat employees well in order to establish a long-lasting company culture. 

$20 per hour for a Student to $200 per hour for a Senior Software Engineer is the average hourly pay at Google.

Senior Software engineers earn up to 10x more than Students, which makes sense since the latter category is still learning and acquiring new skills. 

$133,066, or $63 per hour, is the average estimated salary per year, including base and bonus, for Google employees.

It sure pays off to go through the very hard and selective hiring process if you manage to land a job at Alphabet. 

Google Economic Impact Stat

Being one of the richest companies in the world, Google is also one of the big taxpayers in the United States and in any other country where the corporation has registered offices. 

Whenever Google opens up a new office, branch, or subsidiary in a city, region, or country, the economic impact is immediately felt by local, regional, and national authorities. 

4.3 billion people out of 5 billion Internet users are currently using Google.

Having 4.3 billion people choosing to use your products and services means that you’re clearly making a huge impact on society and on the way people live their lives.

Alphabet owns approximately $11 billion in the form of other stakes in other companies.

Google has a very huge influence over the tech world, and this hardly surprises anyone anymore. 

The European Union imposed a $1.5 billion antitrust fine on Google in 2019.

This fine determined the tech giant to charge European Android device manufacturers up to $40 per device if they want to have the Play store and other Google apps built-in as a standard setting.  

$6 million were spent on Google ads by the “TRUMP MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN COMMITTEE”.

The amount was spent between June 2018 and September 2019, marking one of the largest advertising budgets in history for a US political campaign. 

$28.33 billion is the budget spent by the retail sector in the United States, which makes it the top spending sector.

The automotive industry comes in second with “just” $15.91 billion, closely followed by financial services with a total spending budget of $15.69 billion.

$3.9 billion is the total amount invested by Google in AI startups since 2006.

To put things in a better perspective, taking into consideration the same timespan, Amazon has invested $871 million, and Apple has spent approximately $786 million.

Google’s AI is 5% more effective at analyzing and detecting cancer from a CT scan than a group of 6 medical experts.

The economic outcome of Google’s AI can prove to be extremely profitable and life-saving in the next couple of years.  


What is the most searched thing on Google?

“Youtube”, with 1,163,000,000 searches in 2022, is the most searched word on Google this year. Chances are that this will continue to remain the number 1 keyword in Google search results, as this is the first palace people who want to access Youtube go to.

Who is the most searched person on Google?

Alec Baldwin is the most searched person on Google in 2021. Most of the searches for the term “Alec Baldwin” come from Ireland. The world-famous actor is this year’s most searched person due to the very unfortunate event involving a loaded prop gun and his longtime producer and friend, Halyna Hutchins. 

Where is Google not popular?

China, North Korea, Cuba, Iran, South Korea, and Russia are the countries where Google is the least popular. Based on China’s Great Firewall, Google has not managed to create a strong market presence for itself outside the territories of Hong Kong and Macao. In other countries named on the list, it is either banned entirely for the entire population, or there’s a national alternative that is more accessible to the public.  


If you were planning on the downfall of Google within the next couple of years, you could put those predictions on hold because it seems like Alphabet will only continue to grow in revenue, market share, and number of users.

Google is the world’s biggest tech giant, together with other companies like Apple, Amazon, and Facebook (Meta), and as far as all predictions go, these corporations will have a strong word to say on how the world of tomorrow will look like.

Also, Google and the above-mentioned companies are considered some of the most trustworthy brands on the planet, which makes them extremely appealing to investors and general customers worldwide. 

The more brand awareness and trust a company manages to acquire, the more revenue it will generate in the long run. That’s why it’s always a good idea to value your brand, your reputation, and everything that revolves around your company’s image. At least, that’s what Google does, and they seem to be doing a great job at being one of the world’s most important corporations. 

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